Bone Marrow Registers

In the UK, the Anthony Nolan Trust matches individuals willing to donate their stem cells to people who desperately need lifesaving transplants. It also provides help and support for patients and their families.


The Anthony Nolan Trust also offer a private tissue-typing service for those who want their tissue type identified but don’t wish to join our register or don’t meet the eligibility criteria.

Please do get in touch with us if you can provide any details of other national registers. The more information, the better.

For more information on how to register, what this short video.


30 thoughts on “Bone Marrow Registers

    • Unfortunately you are over the age limit to register, however you can encourage others of a similar background to Nikki to register. Thank you.

    • hi im english born 17 – 3 – 1950 newbury bucks my mum english my dad born southern ireland i dont smoke drink have slight high blood pressure on low tablets at 64 am i to old for bone marrow, stem cell, or giving blood have given blood 20 years ago had no blood transfusions or had any drugs

      • Hi Patrick, the top age is 50 or 55 and I think it’s to do with natural changes in the body that mean we produce less stem cells at an older age. Thanks very much for being willing. If there’s anyone in your family who could donate, please do ask them to register.

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  7. for New Zealand. I wondered if I could help – as I’ve got Irish blood with some odities – Spanish/German. I don’t meet the doner criteria a) because of age and b) because of history of skin cancers (NZ sun). How do I get around this to get tested or is it a no exceptions rule?

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  9. Irish, live in Belgium, haven’t a clue on blood type as I havent given it for years as Ireland doesnt accept blood from anyone who lived in UK during BSE period. Don’t see anywhere listed in Belgium. Will check out Anthony Nolan, see if its possible to go at weekend, can get train from Brussles to London

  10. Hi, I’m a 33 year old female I grew up in England of Irish parents and now live in Ireland. I am not eligible to give blood or join the bone marrow registry here due to the fact that I lived in England during the ’80s-’90s. I am O+ and would like to know if I could join somewhere else.

    • Hi Rose, I can’t find a register in Vietnam. I’ve asked Anthony Nolan if they will register people from outside the UK and am awaiting a reply, but I expect they will only be able to register UK residents. Perhaps if you make enquiries with your local doctor or hospital they might help?

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